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The purchase of insect screens through our website allows you to take advantage of extremely convenient prices, much lower than those applied by traditional suppliers, thanks to the possibility to buy a perfectly made-to-measure product directly from the manufacturer.

The possibility to create a made-to-measure product which fits exactly your doors and windows is given by a special system available on our website, which will guide you, in a very simple way, during the configuration and the personalization of every detail of the insect screen.

Buying your insect screen online without making any mistake is now, easy and quick, and can be done taking into account your specific needs (dimensions and types of the openings to be protected), but also personalizing the product according to your personal preferences about colours and materials.

Let's have a look to some basic concepts that you should know when you are going to buy insect screens from our website. 

Insect screens can be vertical, particularly suitable for windows, or horizontal, suitable for doors, French doors and for wide openings in general.

According to the drive mechanism, insect screens can be classified as follows:

If the window or the balcony door are frequently opened, it had better choose a strong product, able to resist to the continuous mechanical stress and equipped with a functional and practical opening and fixing system. When the insect screen is used merely as a screening from the outside, but there is no need to open and close it, then you can opt for more affordable products, which however have no advanced opening and closing systems.

By purchasing a made-to-measure insect screen, it is also important to consider the dimensions of the roller box in which the mesh rolls up and those of the side and lower rails, which facilitate the sliding of the insect screen.

When you decide to buy both insect screens for doors or for windows, these can be fully personalized, not only in terms of measures, but also by choosing among a different range of models, colours, materials and optional accessories which will increase the comfort and optimize the aesthetics.

Among the various options available when buying an insect screen online, we recommend: the friction, the mesh with anti-wind buttons, darkening screens, anti-pollen meshes, pet screen meshes which are resistant against scratches made by pets, the spring or chain-driven opening system, the sliding system, flat lower rails and insect screens with no lower rail. NoFlyStore's offer is even more convenient thanks to the free delivery for every kind of insect screen available in our catalogue!

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