Insect Screens made to measure!

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Chain-driven insect screens from NoFlyStore offer the ultimate ease in operation!


Among the different types available in NoFlyStore catalogue, chain-driven insect screens are among those with the highest customer appreciation, thanks to their obvious handling, practicality and design qualities.

Chain-driven insect screens are part of a classical line and are characterised by a sturdy frame that combines exceptional aesthetics and efficiency; their manoeuvrability and ease of operation make them perfect for any location and type of door or window, at home or at the office, ensuring optimal light penetration, perfect visibility and the complete passage of air.

This insect screen has got a rigid frame structure integrated with a housing that holds the chain-driven insect screen when its mechanism is activated. The winding is vertical and is easily operated by the user who can open and close the screen at will.

The models are equipped with reinforced mesh at the edges, are windproof and resistant to tears, can withstand atmospheric agents and stresses caused by the winding, and are of course highly resistant to wear.

The internal mechanism is able to maintain the mesh's optimum tension thanks to the balance between a counterweight inserted into the handle and the chain itself, which also creates a perfect balance that prevents the chain-driven screen's automatic involuntary closing: this makes it suitable for doors in high traffic areas or those that require a facilitated opening and closing mechanism.

Just like any other product in NoFlyStore catalogue, the chain-driven insect screens are made-to-measure and can be customised to suit individual tastes and specific customer requirements, such as the inclusion of practical and useful double internal and external controls that allow the insect screen to be opened and closed from both inside and outside the house.
The guided configurator tool suggests variations, colours, options and accessories available for each model and will help you configure your insect insect perfectly!

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