NoFlyStore DIY insect screens: flawless results


DIY insect screens are a great alternative to made-to-measure insect screens that are made and installed by a qualified fitter, and offer a chance to save by eliminating installation costs (which are not negligible), especially when they must be installed simultaneously to all the doors and windows of a building. Insect screens are both a tool and a very essential furnishing accessory to keep insects away, especially in the summer; however, not everyone wants to purchase made-to-measure screens, preferring to use DIY insect screens and install them personally while taking advantage of substantial savings.

In this case, NoFlyStore has the best solution: although insect screens require installation, customers can save by ordering made-to-measure insect screens that are not cut in kits (which also require work to cut the fly screen to size and make it fully compatible with the door or window) and can be completely customised in size, materials, patterns and colours, and installed with a bit of DIY work.

Just about every model can be found in the catalogue to create any type of DIY insect screen suitable for any window or door, even ones without right angles.

The simplest and most affordable solution is the magnetic insect screen: it has got robust and resilient mesh and a magnetised band for closure which joins the mesh's edges and keeps the screen perfectly taut. This type of DIY insect screen is very convenient because it can be opened and closed frequently without creating any particular stress to the fastenings.

For those who would like a DIY insect screen that can offer maximum comfort at the lowest price, the best option is an insect screen with an aluminium frame (fixed or sliding). In the online shop, you can enter the exact dimensions of the frame (following the suggestions of the guided configurator) in order to receive the installation kit already pre-cut to size, so that the installation becomes quite simple: the components that need to be assembled are already sized and all that is left is to fix it to the window or door frame.

The NoFlyStore offer includes numerous other models and options, designed and manufactured to meet the most diverse needs; browse the catalogue, you will certainly find the solution that best suits your needs and your preferences!

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