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Two different types of insect screens are known as extendable: extendable insect screens with roller box and extendable insect screens with rigid panels. The only common element in these insect screens is the ability to expand themselves to allow opening and closing of the insect screen, but they are very different in the strength of the structure, safety and efficacy against insects.

The extendable insect screens are also called stretchable insect screens or rolling insect screens, and they are an high quality product. The frame is made-to-measure according to the space where you want to install the insect screen, and they have a horizontal or vertical roller tube in which the mesh of the insect screen rolls up. It’s therefore an insect screen permanently anchored  to the window/door and characterized by maximum mobility, since it can be completely opened or closed instantly whenever necessary by means of a spring or a chain system. This kind of insect screen guarantees the maximum practicality, the maximum safety and resistance to impact and atmospheric agents, the maximum efficiency in terms of protection against insects and reduced space for installation: once manufactured (made to measure) and installed (fast and simple) it is the kind of insect screen that guarantees the highest level of protection and comfort.

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The subject is completely different for the other type of extendable insect screens: telescopic insect screens that are low quality products not sold by Noflystore because they don’t have the qualitative characteristics able to guarantee sufficient levels of strength, safety and protective efficiency. This type of extendable insect screen is made up of an aluminium or PVC frame, has a fixed height and two or three panels that slide horizontally and enlarge the insect screen in a way that covers all the width of the window; the fastening of this kind of insect screen is done thanks to the dimension of the panels, that will slide in the frame of the roller shutter (fitting downwards with the window threshold, and upwards with the roller shutter itself, which should have been closed up to frame of the insect screen).

As you can see, the fixing system does not guarantee stability of panels on which the insect screen is placed, since the panels can easily get out of the frame in case of a sudden or strong wind, causing the fall of the insect screen.

Furthermore, the fixing system does not allow any autonomy in the opening of the roller shutter; once the insect screen is installed, it leans against the roller shutter and does not completely close, not allowing the full light and air to come in and not completely protecting from the sun.

 Another disadvantage of this insect screen is the amount of space: every time you need to close the rolling shutter you have to remove the insect screen at the same time and put it somewhere, wasting a lot of space in your house.

In conclusion, the main disadvantage in terms of protective efficacy lies in the fact that such extendable insect screens protect just the lower part of your door/window, while the upper part is essentially protected only by the roller shutter, which has holes that could not prevent insects from entering your home.

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