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When summer starts, there comes the problem of the bothers caused by mosquitoes and the possible remedies and defences from these particularly annoying insects; the first and indispensable defence for domestic and productive environments is undoubtedly the use of effective insect screens for doors and windows.
Among the openings in the house, those which are particularly useful and used especially during summer, are the doors and French doors which give access to balconies and terraces. Insect
screens for balconies should be extremely practical and have specific aesthetic features, since they are installed outside the house and affect the aesthetics of that building. It is, therefore, necessary that they can adapt to the style and the whole structure.

Insect screens for balconies

Insect screens for balconies are really essential if you want to use the terrace or even a small balcony on warm summer evenings, keeping the inner rooms protected by hateful mosquitoes.
The most suitable insect screens for balconies are the hinged, the side roller and the pleated ones. The latter are particularly recommended in case of is frequently used balconies. On the contrary, when the use of the balcony is moderate, vertical fly screens with spring or chain-driven system are recommended.

Insect screens for French doors

Before installing a beautiful insect screen for your balconies, it is important to consider the dimensions of the roller box and the rails: you can opt, in fact, for lateral insect screens for balconies with single or double shutters. NoFlyStore insect screens for balconies guarantee the perfect stretching of the mesh, can be equipped with a friction which slows down the opening of the screen, and, for just some models, with a brake thanks to which you can stop the screen in the desired position. These insect screens can be personalized with aluminium frames, whose colour matches that of your doors or windows, and with the possibility to choose the standard mesh or darkening or filtering screens or pet screen mesh (this last one is suitable in case of pets, and available in black and grey).
Pleated fly screens for balconies are suitable in case of narrow space for installation (the model PLATINUM.05 requires just 18 mm to be installed!), and can be personalized with different types of lower rails in order to facilitate the way through the balcony or the terrace.

Insect screens for balconies: learn more

Insect screens for balconies available in our online catalogue are made-to-measure and can be personalized according to your needs and preferences, which should be pointed out in our system while configuring the insect screen, a system which is very user-friendly and will guide you during the configuration of your insect screen in few and quick steps.

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