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Ways of use for roller insect screens


Roll-up insect screens offer a complete protection not only against mosquitoes but also against insects and lizards; their convenience is obvious specially during summer, because they allow you to sleep with windows wide open while preventing mosquitoes to come in.

Suitable for hinged windows/doors if installed outside or into the recess, they can also be used for windows/doors with side opening: the roll-up insect screen has a mesh that can easily slide thanks to the handle or the traction cord; during the day, the mesh can be rolled up to allow the passage of the wind and the light. With the spring system and the friction, the wrapping of the mesh is silent, ideal for very high windows and ancient houses.

The roll-up insect screen is also known as insect screen with roller box, for the fact that its box has a small dimension. Thanks to the automatic control, you can still have full control of the system, particularly in the case of French doors with more shutters; the traction cord is the most appropriate and used tool for windows with one or two panels instead. In addition to the roll-up insect screens of standard dimensions, we also offer customized products which fit the requirements of different houses, offices and so on; if you want to install an insect screen on a wide French door, you can choose a double shutter insect screen having a fixed panel and one that can be opened.
Roller insect screens are the most practical and affordable way to protect against pollen allergens, thanks to an anti-pollen mesh that can be selected during setup of the product on our website.

Besides having a high quality and resistant structure, the roller insect screen is also easy to install: thanks to some accessories equipped with the selected product, it will not be necessary to call a technician.

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