Screw-less insect screens: unreliable and not long durable, which is why they are not the right choice


NoFlyStore has operated in the insect screen sector for years, standing out for its innovative capacity, advantageous relationship between its offer's quality and convenience and for the high quality standards of each type of insect screen designed and sold.

In consideration of the outstanding quality of screens offered to customers, the NoFlyStore company philosophy does not offer a single screen without screws (insect screens that can be installed without drilling holes or needing an electric screwdriver) in its company catalogue.

This is a clear choice that opts for reliability, sturdiness and durability instead of the convenience and speed of screw-less insect screens installation, which in fact happens to be a very unreliable and not long-lasting solution.

Despite the assurance - at times feasible - that the latest generation of screw-less insect screens can be installed without the aid of drill, screws and anchors by fastening them within a window's opening, they tend to be unstable. This is because the typical pressure capacity of anchors with an expansion mechanism is inevitably lost over the course of time due to the natural structural failure of the anchor's plastic components and their consequent deformation, amplified and accelerated by contact with atmospheric agents and direct exposure to sun, frost, rain and wind.

The screw-less mounting of insect screens usually calls for the insertion and adjustment of the housing and rails' fixing caps (which are usually included pre-cut) and the subsequent installation of the housing and rails, secured with a simple wrench: a quick and easy installation method that does not guarantee that the screen won't be torn by a very strong wind, especially when the pressure fixtures have lost their grip or elasticity due to their prolonged exposure to the elements.

A further factor that affects the durability and solidity of screw-less insect screens is the stress applied to the screen when opening and closing it, which inevitably pries on the wall, door or window's anchoring points, weakening or fracturing the fastenings and causing the screen to separate from or fall out of its frame.
This is the main reason why the use of screw-less insect screens is absolutely not recommended, especially when handled frequently both horizontally and vertically, such as in windows, doors or French doors.

To protect your investment, your comfort and your neighbours' safety, NoFlyStore recommends choosing an insect screen that is installed conventionally from our catalogue that includes every type of screen at extremely affordable prices.

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