Insect screens with thin lower rail


insect screens for doors, except for the hinged ones, have a lower rail that allows the mesh to be moved from left to right and vice versa. The rail dimension depends on the model and on the brand which produces the insect screens. Usually Noflystore rails for doors have a standard dimension of 10 mm, a very flat rail that, while configuring the insect screen, can be reduced to 5 mm. Noflystore technology goes further and allows you to have an even flatter lower rail of just 3 mm! A record measure available on the pleated Platinum.01 or on the lateral Silver.04.


This innovation is for doors in junction points, where people do frequently come in and out of the room. With an  insect screen with a very flat 3 mm lower rail you have no chance of stumbling and you can freely walk paying no attention where are you stepping. There are, then, specific cases where insect screens with flat lower rail are essential to improve the quality of life. We refer to old people and people with reduced mobility who can pass through the door with no additional efforts. An insect screen with a flat lower rail is also useful in the daily life of mother who takes care of her children who crawl or play moving from a room to another. Last but not least is that your house can be cleaned faster and easier. Well then, 7 cm less can really make a difference.

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