Insect screens for doors


According to the type of door and its use, it is possible to install different types of insect screens for door, which are ideal for keeping the environment ventilated and, at the same time, for keeping insects away. Of course, in high traffic areas of the house it is clear that insect screens for door have to be opened easily and do not have to be a hassle. In case of French doors or to have access to a little traffic terrace, other slightly less versatile but at the same time cheaper solutions can be taken into account.

Hinged and sliding or pleated insect screens for doors are the most functional solution for openings from which one needs to step in and out different times a day. These insect screens are made up of a strong aluminium or steel frame and a solid mosquito mesh. Hinged insect screens obviously require a sufficient space to allow the shutter or the shutters to be opened easily, while roller or pleated models besides needing special rails to follow through the movement of the insect screen also need a small side room for the roller box or the mesh. With respect to the guides, in all side roller and pleated models they are to be found both on the top and on the floor (in this way you can get a much more stable and fluid motion). You can have the possibility to choose different kinds of lower rails, from 38 mm to a 3 mm, that do not obstruct the passage!

Due to the fact that insect screens for doors have to be built with materials able to bear frequent and strong movements, such as violent closing caused for example by the wind or undisciplined children. The frames are made up of solid and strong materials and components and they are slightly more expensive than common roller insect screens.

This kind of insect screens is really comfortable, above all if the choice falls on magnetic models which allow the fly screen to be closed quickly.

Roller models offer the possibility to insert a friction which slows down the motion of the insect screen in case of accidental openings.


Is an insect screen for door a suitable solution for your requirements? Then configure your own model following the instructions right now! Start with width and height measures, choose the colour among over 20 different shades, then choose among the different meshes and assembly (standard or with magnet). It only takes 5 minutes to conclude your purchase and two days to receive your brand new insect screen directly at home!

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