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Roller insect screens for windows

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Silver 01

Silver.01 Silver - Roller

Insect screens roll-up SILVER.01 is equipped with an aluminium roller box and fiber glass mesh. Is an insect screens with a retractable spring loaded system that allows you to open and to close the screen completely. It's an economic solution and suitable for windows.




€130.00 / m²

€97.50 / m²

Silver 02

Silver.02 Silver - Roller

Roll-up Insect screen SILVER.02 is a roller  screen suitable for windows, equipped with fiberglass mesh and an aluminium roller box. You can stop the screen at any position you want with its chain driven system.


€140.00 / m²

€105.00 / m²


Roller insect screens are among the most used and affordable solutions for windows and French doors. They protect your home from both big and small insects, such as flies, beetles, bedbugs, but according to the kind of mesh used they can help you to keep pollen away avoiding allergies. Our roller insect screens have a certified high quality structure in anodised or painted aluminium, available in different colours to suit your windows; aluminium is a tough material resistant to time, heat and atmospheric agents.

Roller insect screens can be equipped with a vertical or horizontal rolling-up system; in case of horizontal insect screens, two shutters are available for bigger size French doors. Thanks to the brush and the fibreglass mesh, roller insect screens avoid the entry of smaller insects, such as mosquitoes; the handle or the chain allow the mesh to be followed through along the runners, the friction avoids the insect screen to bump into the roller box; the closing block allows the insect screen to be completely and hermetically closed: it would be sufficient to push the central part of the handle where you can find the closing block. In case of horizontal insect screens, a magnet will avoid the automatic rolling up of the mesh. Thanks to the buttons and the anti-wind tape, the mesh remains perfectly stretched, in order to resist against wind and hits; if the mesh would break or run off, it will not be difficult to re-insert it in the runners or replace it, whose cost is very low.

Roller insect screens have a highly versatile protection system: according to your needs  they can be installed between the roller shutter and the window and do not request any masonry intervention, since it requires a fast and clean installation.


On NoFlyStore you can find the most innovative roller insect screens, with a retractable spring loaded or chain driven system. Entirely in aluminium, to guarantee the top of lightness; and with a roller box to obtain maximum convenience. You can choose between the following insect screen models for windows Silver.01 and Silver.02 according to the price and your needs.


The main difference concerns the way in which they roll-up. Silver.01 is a roller insect screen with a spring roll-up system, while Silver.02 is equipped with a chain. By choosing this last model, the chain command is placed inside on the right. If you would like to have an external control as well, please specify it during the purchase!


No matter how your window looks like, the roller spring loaded insect screen of Noflystore fits in every context, but before making the order, check carefully the space between the window and the roller shutter.

For any problems when taking measures, you can use our live chat o read the FAQ dedicated to this topic.

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